Timsmek FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Timsmek?

Timsmek Global Publishers is a registered publishing enterprise in Nigeria. The body comprises young people who have passion for creating robust solutions in the publishing sector. Timsmek is located in Office 22, Choba Campus Complex, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Rivers State, Nigeria, West Africa.

What’s unique about Timsmek?

Two major things stand us out. The number one is our portal designed in a different way. We’re the first to develop an application that converts ebooks to nonprintable PDF documents and locks them with the buyer’s email so that only the buyer can have access to it. We do not require our customers to download our apps or any app to be able to read ebooks purchased from us. And, since we deliver the books as PDFs, the buyers can choose to read on any device offline.

The second thing that stand us out is our focus on both publishing the author and his works. Not much is usually said about authors in many bookstores. All the focus is on selling the book. But we understand that the author too deserves to be published and would need to stay in touch with their readers. So, we publish authors: put their passport photographs, full names, social media handles and link them to the reviews dropped by their readers so they can choose to reply or keep calm.

How do Timsmek work?

Once contacted by an author, we check out their works and from there, we agree on the desired service. We edit, review and publish. We print and publish and sell ebooks.

How do Timsmek Charge?

We pay 70% royalty to the authors. Our editing costs are determined by the work. We negotiate with the writer. Costs of print publications are determined by the volume and quantity.

Do Timsmek sell in bulk?

Yes, we sell books in bulk. Please contact us if you wish to make bulk purchases.

Can I share my purchased digital books with friend(s)?

No. You may not share any purchased ebook from us. If you wish to share with a friend, please use their email address while placing the order so we can send their own copy to them.

I did not get any email after payment, what do I do?

Please first check your spam/junk folder for an email from us—containing the link to download the book. This happens instantly, but may take up to 15 minutes in some cases. If you got charged and the link did not land in your mailbox after 15 minutes, please contact support@timsmek.com.ng

I want to sell my book(s), how do I begin?

Click on “submit a work” and send us the work or request for a chat. We are available on WhatsApp on +234-703-455-9895.

Can I print the ebooks I bought?


How do I know my book is selling and how much I have earned?

You will see the performance of your book on your dashboard. Your earnings are calculated on your dashboard too.

How much royalty do Timsmek pay?


What if I want my book withdrawn from the store?

You will need to notify us using the registered email. Once we receive your notification, we shall process it and remove your books from our store.