Why choose Timsmek Global Publishers?

Timsmek Authors and Book Portal is the simplest and most robust portal designed to bridge the gap between authors and their readers. The idea is unique. Unlike others where users are required to download an app to read purchased books, Timsmek make the books available in PDF. With this, it can open on any device. The PDF is encrypted with the buyer’s email address and can only be for digital reading purposes only. Printing and sharing functions are disabled.

Here’s why you should choose Timsmek

      Easy Signup and Comprehensive Dashboard: We verify and add authors ourselves. Authors have their dashboard where they can:

          see reviews of their readers and reply, if they choose to

          see how many of their books are on the store and how they sell

          See how much they have earned from the sales

          mail Timsmek directly about anything they wish to talk about.

      Images and texts can be published: Unlike some online bookstores where authors are limited to publishing only texts, our portal supports both texts and image or graphs publishing. Authors should be allowed to pass their message without restrictions. All the texts and images are converted to PDF and encrypted at purchase, for the buyer.

      Prompt payment of royalties: We pay authors their royalties at the end of every month. An author may request for payment before this time if sales are recorded prior the monthly payment time.

      Fast Checkout: Buyers do not require filling out long forms to buy digital books. They only need to input their names, email and phone number and that would be all. We understand how important time is.
      We stock both hardcopy and softcopy books. Buyers choose the format they want—from the listed available formats of book titles. Hardcopies attract shipping charges. An author can list all their books and have our site users view all they’ve written by simply visiting their page on Timsmek. Each author published by Timsmek has a dedicated web page showing their biography and works. It is called timsmeking—publishing both authors and their works.
      Authors’ social media handles and email are published so their readers can easily follow them on social media. Timsmek are the first to do this. We timsmek authors’ Twitter handles, LinkedIn and Facebook usernames to their personal page. It’s all-round goodness getting timsmeked!