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Notes on Language and Linguisctics_1582753622.jpg
  • Title: Notes on Language and Linguistics
  • Year Published : 2019-04-07
  • ISBN: 978-978-56944-0-6
  • Price: ₦1500
  • Available : Hard and soft copy

About Notes on Language and Linguistics

Defining language is not as simple as defining your everyday terms. There has to be a certain degree of circumlocution to arrive at any satisfactory definition or rather, description of what language is all about; even at that, it is still not the final word. Language, as we can see, is everywhere. It fills our thoughts, mediates our relations with other people and even invades our dreams. Most human knowledge and culture is stored and transmitted through and in language. Inside this book are interesting topics in the field of language and linguistics presented in a simple, engaging manner. Number of pages in print: 228.

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