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  • Title: Readings on Generative Syntax
  • Year Published : 2020-02-28
  • ISBN: 978-978-56944-4-4
  • Price: ₦750
  • Available : Soft copy

About Readings on Generative Syntax

Generally, many students are of the view that a study of syntax is a study of abstractions which have no practical import. This mindset sets the tone for poor comprehension and learning of such a very important aspect of linguistic knowledge. Truth is, syntax is everywhere – in the classroom, in the workplace, in the professional callings and everywhere man uses language. Everyone uses language and by extension does syntax except that everyone does not analyse their language output and input. In the 1950’s Chomsky introduced the Phrase Structure Grammar as a build-up from the traditions of the post-Bloomfieldian structural grammar. The structuralist were enamored with a quest to show form and structure of expression using the Immediate Constituent Analysis. ICA seeks to show the structure of sentences and phrases using a binary classificatory system in which sentences and phrases are divided in a pair-wise manner until they can no longer be so divided. What are the advantages of ICA? 1. It shows levels of relationships in structures or can we call it layers. 2. The word order is fixed. There is no disturbance of the order of words in a construction. E.g: Tessy was in the garden when the professor came in. The professor came in when Tessy was in the garden. When the professor came in, Tessy was in the garden. Note that apart from the stylistic variation of the sentence, the word order, the constituents in this case remain unchanged. ‘Came in’ still remains ‘came in’; in the garden, etc., all remain the same. -- Stephen Anurudu

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